Worldwide certification

Certification GubiSPA, Neuss, Germany



At the end of May we completed in collaboration with the Moscow company HRS, which is a distributor of hotel system Fidelio and OPERA in Russian Federation, Ukraine and the Baltic States, a major interconnection projects internationally recognized hotel system Fidelio / Opera and the GubiSPA. The European headquarters of MICROS Systems development took place throughout the month of May rigorous testing, which has completed a six-month certification process, the result of which is to obtain a global certification GubiSPA a comprehensive software solution intended for hotels, spa resorts and sanatoria.

From May 31, 2013 it is available on the market a new certified product - FIAS_GUB. This is a comprehensive package of software solutions for hotels, resorts, sanatoriums using Fidelio / Opera and the GubiSPA.

We are honored by being the only manufacturer of spa and hotel systems in Central, Eastern Europe and Russia, we obtain this certification, ranking it among exclusive company of 5 European and 30 worldwide certified software companies.