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SMS marketing

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We have made more of our support modules for business development and support of marketing activities.

Currently we are focusing on the promotion of SMS marketing. If you are tempted to ask, why SMS marketing, the answer is clear from those studies:


  1. Differentiation from other spa and hotel companies - more than 28% of companies from the ranks of spas and hotels to introduce SMS marketing plans.
  2. Number of readers campaign - 98% of incoming SMS messages are also displayed and read. Against 'normal' email campaigns are successful, thus displaying a reading of 22%.
  3. For direct SMS marketing, we are able to take 19% of the participating companies, e-mail campaign to deliver 4.2% ...
  4. The real trade approaches 8.3% of respondents, by email 1,73% ...


The module focuses on the SMS campaign, which is part of our programs GubiSPA will help you in the following areas:

 For each SMS campaign you can create a custom template that can be reused at any time.

  1. The template can be used data from the system for called. 
  2. Personalize SMS messages - address, name, surname (with the right inflection).
  3. Automatic login and logout clients to and from campaigns using SMS codes.
  4. Automatic communication with clients - using the automatic personalization SMS client has the impression that the information is intended solely and directly to him.
  5. Simple registration and processing of the offered events - the so-called. "Three clicks":
    1. Sale of goods via SMS reception with crediting the personal account
    2. SMS objednávka wellness with reservation services and payment
    3. Reservation procedures using SMS sing with automatic timing
    4. Automatic sending SMS campaigns by-defined schedule

... And many other options


If you are interested in learning more about SMS campaigns, not only in terms of the information system, please contact us.