Changes in complex spa care in Czech spa

On 3 August 2012 the Ministry of Health established the rules for the spa covered by health insurance!

The announced amendment to the decree, the new indication list, which recognizes the right to the complex spa treatment will apply from 1 October 2012. Until the end of September, the physician may issue their patients on health care proposal "old fashioned way". If approved, it will implement a spa stay until the end of 2012 or until the date of its validity and it is according to the original or existing rules.

Complete spa treatment

New Indication list keeps fully paid complete spa treatment, but shortened by one week (ie, adult patients are entitled to a three-week stay, the children and youth in four weeks). Patients receiving this type of spa treatment will continue under the sick leave.

Contributory spa treatment

To extend the the ranks of patients with contributory spa care is now possible to prescribe spa care of two weeks. Now it will able practitioner - after consultation with the patient - to propose the length of care within the scope of only two or three weeks.

Some spas, due to their natural healing resources should be afforded the opportunity of spa treatment with new disease, which in these places could not still heal. In children, then in some hospitals may draw new spa treatment since 1.5 years. Accurate account of these changes indicates the revised indicator list.

Also remained the possibility of repeated spa treatments in the form of complex and contributory spa care. For most chronic diseases, so doctors can recommend to their patients complete spa treatment to improve their health again as before.

Brief summary of changes

  • Shortening the length of the complex spa care for adults from 28 to 21 days
  • Determination of the spa care for children and adolescents in 28 days
  • Length contributory spa care - 21 or 14 days (by agreement with the doctor)
  • Possibility of a repetition spa treatment preserved: Repeat options spa treatment for each indication indicating precisely defined list. When assessing a claim on health care in the total limit repeated stays will count stays on or after 1 October 2009.
  • Opportunity to expand the diagnosis for adults and children: Despite limitations Decree introduces (eg the abolition of educational visits for diabetics), extends the range of Decree spas treatment options for a new indication, both for adults and children.