Module Hotel

hotel.png The module Hotel is a complex system for management and check of operations within hotel and spa accommodation department. The module Hotel secures a room reservation for individuals or groups ( fast reservation, reservation module, online reservation, reservation via rooms map ) with connection to personal accounts, client’s check-in & check-out, accommodation functions, work with unlimited number of cash desks, invoice module, exchange office, housekeeping functions, daily closure, connection to external systems ( telephones, PayTv, lock systems, economic and spa systems ). The program contains more than 250 available statistical records, and graphic outputs for management ).

  • Reservation
  • Work with client
  • Cash desk
  • Invoicing
  • Rooms
  • Daily closure
  • Exchange office
  • Statistics and set-ups
  • Interface module Hotel


Hotel park Piestany

7. 10. 2014

System implementation GubiSPA v.8


Implementation of booking portal

23. 09. 2014

Implementation of the new booking portal in Trebon spa


Spa stays 28 days again

3. 09. 2014

Good news for spa


Inovation of medical system

29. 08. 2014

  New medical editor for 2015


Regulatory fees

4. 08. 2014

  Compensation regulatory fees VZP


Personal data protection

27. 06. 2014

Implementation data protection in SLKP


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Studies and Documents

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