Absence Management

S_absence.png Synerion’s Benefit Accrual Module is an add-on to the TimeKeeper core system that provides an automated "tool" for managing the accrual and usage of employees benefit hours in accordance with your company’s benefit policies.

Absence planning:

  • Provides self-service, with  web-based employee absence request and supervisor approval/decline capabilitie.
  • Manages complex eligibility requirements such as family and medical leaves.
  • Balances employee time-off against business operational needs.


Benefit Accruals Flexible Functionality also includes:

  • Create and manage an unlimited number of benefit types (i.e. paid and unpaid vacation, sick time, etc).
  • Accrue benefits on a Flat-Rate basis (commonly used for Sick or Personal time).
  • Accrue benefits using Employee Profile-Based Information (e.g. Paid Vacation allowances that depend on Seniority).
  • Accrue benefits using Daily Attendance-Based Information (i.e. dynamic allowances based on no. of hours worked).
  • Allowance rules that can be either conditional or non-conditional.
  • Automatic conversion of overtime hours to Benefit allowances.
  • Sophisticated rules for handling Maximum Accrual Limits, Discard rules and Carry Forward rules.
  • Automatic deduction of attendance deficiencies (i.e. missing hours) from Benefits with positive balance.
  • User defined handling of Negative benefit balances (completely disabled or partially allowed).
  • Track Benefit values in days, hours or both.
  • Multiple tracking frequencies (i.e. weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly etc.).