Fitness Pro

Fitness.png Fitness Pro is a complex system for management and check of operations within  sports and  fitness centres.

The system offers features such as records of clients, including offers different types of membership and loyalty cards with prepaid credit. Simple booking system allows you to operate an unlimited number of objects eg. Squash, aerobic hall, cardio zones, solariums, etc.. Offered at the sports center. For these objects it is possible to create different schedules action that can be repeated periodically. Thanks to a cancellation fee may be limited profit losses due to last minute cancellations of bookings from clients.

Furthermore, the system contains functions for the sale of additional products. The sale is possible both for cash and using customer credit card, credit card or example. Voucher. All sales are recorded in the cash book from which it is possible to print various financial reports. The system records all movements of its income through the division into individual bars to final inventory.

Using special statistics may provide a basis for rewarding individual coaches based on the number odtrénovaných hours and numbers of clients.

The system can be connected to various external devices such as card readers, the banking system for e-payments, various relays, turnstiles for entrances to individual facilities like.


  • Rezervation system
  • Bar
  • Cash desk
  • Club membership
  • Statistics
  • For individual clients it is possible to monitor and evaluate: