Doctor, Physiotherapist

lekar_velikost_box2_2.png The System supports the doctors and nurses´ work activities. The module Medical secures a complete medical record maintenance (anamnesis, medication, treatment course, admittance, discharge report etc.), work with client’s personal details, usage of standard codebooks (diagnoses, indications, performances, medicaments- AISLP), prescription of curative programmes using procedures sets or individually by client’s needs. Complementary modules enable system connection with procedures timings, laboratories, pharmaceutical stock or diet nurse’s workplace. In case of client’s recurrent stays there is a medical record archive at disposal.For head doctors, the system offers an option to observe and evaluate the quantity and costs of prescribed procedures, check-ups, medicaments. The same applies to a number of sets of cure-off clients, recorded performances or use of doctors‘ working hours in relation with clients.

  • Work with client
  • Work with documentation
  • Procedures prescription
  • Medications precription
  • Laboratory
  • Planning calendar