Pharmaceutical stock

Sklad_leku.png The module is designed for maintenance of information about a sanitary material movement. It supports activities of head nurses and other medical staff.The module enables to maintain information on the main (central) stock and individual substocks (consulting rooms, floors), complete administration of orders and follow-up receipts from suppliers.It provides a simple and neat form of pharmaceutical distribution from a central stock to individual departments or consulting rooms.

The substock pharmaceutical supplies can be released for consumption or to concrete clients - this system then enables to give specific numbers and observe the costs of a client’s treatment. The system of applications and follow-up releases can enable to manage and observe pharmaceutical stock movements in between individual departments within the organisation - between consulting rooms, departments and the main stock. There is also an option to carry out regular inventory checks and surveys on pharmaceutical movements - receipt, release, consumption by purpose.

  • Sanitary material
  • Stock movements
  • Stock maintenance