The Restaurant

restaurace.png The system is designed to support work within restaurants and is formed by two independent modules- Restaurant cash desk and Recipes, Meals and Prices Administrator (SRJC). The former serves to waiters for daily canteen, restaurant or bar activities,for each location the System can be set up individually and get ready according to nature of operations- table spread, range offer. The Module is fully adapted to work using a touch screen- spread of control elements and their simple service helps to run smooth operations. Due to the SRJC Module’s existence, the head operation managers can have instant inkling about all activities happening within the operations- surveys on consumption, evaluation of individual waiters‘ work. A connection of the Restaurant Module with the Food Stock enables an automatic write-off of raw food materials from the stock while selling an item in the restaurant- both waiter and head operation manager can have an inkling about real status of supplies in the substock.

  • Intuitive control
  • Information connection
  • Management evaluation