TimeKeeper WFM suite

S_tk.png TimeKeeper addresses the key challenges of the labor-intensive hospitality sector, balancing excellent service for your guests with your payroll costs.

TimeKeeper helps you manage your workforce effectively, maintaining a high level of employee productivity and satisfaction without compromising your financial performance.

TimeKeeper is an integrated planning, scheduling and attendance solution for hospitality.


TimeKeeper provides workforce management solutions that help you:

  • Match labor resources with the variables that affect the demands of the hospitality industry, such as anticipated occupancy and events, to insure adequate coverage for all departments and shifts.
  • Plan schedules around employee availability and working time, based on budget, to ensure that there is no employee overstaffing, to reduce employee turnover and improve productivity and satisfaction.
  • Control operational costs in real-time by capturing both planned and actual data on the same report. View and manage deviations, and know the actual costs at the end of the month before you get there.
  • Centrally manage time tracking for all employees, even across multiple locations, taking into account specific needs such as pay-rules, schedules, etc. required at different sites/units.


Main Benefits of TimeKeeper-WFM Suite:

  • Increases effectiveness and efficiency, and reduces operational costs.
  • Automates business process to reduce errors caused by manual work, and improves productivity.
  • Insight into workforce performance to help you better meet budget goals.
  • Enhances customer service and builds customer loyalty.
  • Improves employee satisfaction and reduces turnover rates.
  • Management with key performance indicators (KPIs) to respond to lags with immediate corrective action.
  • Fast ROI through overtime savings, increased efficiency, operational cost reduction, and more.